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Selective Tales, where you get to be part of the story

Selective Tales is a collective of epic stories told through immersive and innovative online games. We seek to create worlds and characters that captivate the imagination and provide an exceptional gaming experience.

Our first product, “Lumina’s Tale: The Solar Dragon’s Gift”, is set in a future where humanity has both risen to soaring heights and fallen into a state of disarray. With the guidance of Lumina, a benevolent Solar Dragon, humanity finds hope amidst the stars.

Our journey begins with “Chapter 1: The Emergence”. In this chapter, humanity starts to emerge from the shadow of their past, striving to reclaim their place in the cosmos with Lumina’s aid.

Stellar Beacon

The Stellar Beacon is a dedicated news source, keeping you up to date with the latest in-game discoveries, achievements, and events. Find out what’s happening across the universe, who’s making waves, and how you can be part of the story.

The Archives

Visit our Archives to dive deeper into the lore of Lumina, the history of Earth, the Apex Age, and more. Get to know the factions, technologies, and characters that shape the universe and your adventure.

Whether you’re a history buff or a newcomer eager to know more, the Archives is your comprehensive guide to the expansive world of “Lumina’s Tale”.

Join us in crafting tales of epic proportions. Become part of the story, and let’s explore the cosmos together in Selective Tales!