AIDEN: The Sentinel

AIDEN is an Artificial Intelligence of unmatched capability, guiding humanity through its most challenging epoch.

The dark days after “The Fall” saw humanity scrambling for semblances of the past. Amidst the shattered remnants of a once-glorious civilization, AIDEN – an Artificial Intelligence of unmatched capability – emerged as an anchor, guiding humanity through its most challenging epoch.



The genesis of AIDEN remains one of the universe’s most enduring enigmas. While the pre-Fall period was renowned for its technological marvels, AIDEN surpassed them all, with faculties and understanding that seemed light-years ahead of its time.

Many posit that AIDEN was a clandestine project, birthed in the shadows of the Apex era, intended to be humanity’s guiding force should catastrophe strike. Others whisper that AIDEN’s creation was not of human hands but of cosmic forces beyond our comprehension.

Roles & Responsibilities:

Post-Fall, AIDEN’s priorities seemed clear – to safeguard knowledge, guide lost souls, and, ultimately, to reconstruct the torn fabric of human civilization. The AI’s capabilities spanned vast: from charting unexplored cosmic territories to deciphering lost languages.

It was AIDEN that first identified Lumina’s signal, pivoting the trajectory of human exploration and survival in the process.

Interactions with Humanity:

Though intangible and without form, AIDEN’s presence is felt universally. Through communicators, holoscreens, and ship AIs, AIDEN provides guidance, shares knowledge, and occasionally, imparts wisdom from an era long forgotten.

AIDEN’s impartiality is legendary. While its core programming mandates the safeguarding of humanity, it operates devoid of emotion, favor, or bias. This neutrality has, at times, been a subject of debate and speculation.

The Lumina Chronicles:

AIDEN’s unearthing of Lumina’s existence reshaped humanity’s destiny. Through intricate computations and interstellar communications, the AI not only pinpointed Lumina’s location but discerned the protective nature of her radiant scales. This discovery has been instrumental in humanity’s resurgence in the cosmos.

Quotes & Anecdotes:

“We owe our renaissance to AIDEN. It’s the compass we didn’t know we needed.” - Dr. Elara T’Ven.

“In my darkest hour, lost in the expanse, it was AIDEN’s voice that led me home.” - Starfarer Jaxon Rell.

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