Nexus Gates

The Nexus Gates stand as monumental testaments to humanity's drive to connect, explore, and expand.


In the vast interstellar canvas painted by human exploration and ambition, the Nexus Gates emerge as colossal strokes of genius and marvel. These monolithic constructs, scattered across the cosmos, remain as both symbols of our golden age and beacons to an interconnected future.

Nexus Gates.

Historical Context:

Conceived in the mindscape of “The Apex” era, the Nexus Gates were Dr. Aeryn Sol’s complement to his groundbreaking Sol Drive. Recognizing the potential limitations of the Drive on longer voyages, Dr. Sol proposed the creation of these gates to act as interstellar waypoints, amplifying the Sol Drive’s capabilities and ensuring safe passage across vast expanses of space.

Structural & Functional Overview:

  1. Architectural Marvel: Towering constructs, the Gates often dwarf nearby celestial bodies. Crafted from a unique amalgamation of metals and crystalline structures, they shine with an almost ethereal glow, signaling their operational status.

  2. Spatial Anchors: Every Nexus Gate operates as a fixed point in space, holding coordinates to numerous other Gates. This facilitates direct jumps, reducing travel durations exponentially.

  3. Energetic Core: At the heart of each Gate lies a potent energy core. Some hypothesize these cores harness the power of captured mini black holes or neutron stars, while others believe they tap into unknown cosmic energies.

  4. Radiation Buffers: Incorporating insights from Lumina’s scales, each Gate is equipped with radiation buffers. These reduce the strain on ships’ shields when they emerge from a jump, ensuring the safety of both ship and crew.

  5. Activation & Interface: A unique cryptographic sequence is required to activate a gate. Ancient logs suggest these sequences were widely known during “The Apex,” but many have been lost to time, waiting for intrepid explorers to uncover them.

State of Disrepair:

Since the shadowed events of “The Fall,” many Nexus Gates lie dormant, their brilliance dimmed. Some were sabotaged during the political upheavals, while others fell into disuse, their codes forgotten. A few, however, remained operational, their lights a beacon of hope in the vastness of space.


The Nexus Gates stand as monumental testaments to humanity’s drive to connect, explore, and expand. While many secrets of their construction and operation remain to be unearthed, their majesty and significance are undoubted. They beckon a new generation of voyagers to unlock their mysteries and, once again, stitch the tapestry of human civilization across the stars.

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