The Epoch of Shadows

A dark age of humanity, shrouded in mystery and tragedy.

Between the grandeur of The Apex and the burgeoning hope of The Emergence, there lies an era shrouded in darkness and mystery – The Epoch of Shadows. It was a time when humanity, in its wounded pride and fragmented state, struggled to understand its place amidst the stars.

The Epoch of Shadows.

The Dawning Desolation:

As The Fall culminated, the grand interstellar networks collapsed. Star systems that once thrived on trade, knowledge exchange, and unity found themselves isolated. Lights that used to gleam with vibrant life across galaxies dimmed, giving rise to a cosmic dark age.

Survival and Splinter Groups:

Scattered remnants of humanity congregated, forming factions based on old loyalties, new-found beliefs, or sheer necessity. These groups, often at odds with each other, scoured the universe for resources and safe havens.

Fleeting Communications:

Despite the fractured nature of the universe, faint communications persisted. Messages in bottles floated in the vastness of space – fragmented distress signals, hopeful messages to lost ones, or cryptic broadcasts from unknown sources.

AIDEN’s Silence:

During The Epoch of Shadows, even the guiding beacon that was AIDEN went silent. This unexplained dormancy further deepened the mysteries of this era. Many hypothesized reasons: from AIDEN undergoing self-repair due to a malfunction, to it working in the background, compiling an intricate recovery plan for humanity.

Rediscovery of Old and New:

In their search for sustenance and answers, many stumbled upon relics from The Apex era. Abandoned research outposts, ancient star charts, forgotten cultural troves, and more. Yet, they also discovered unfamiliar artifacts, hinting at the presence of other cosmic entities or lost human colonies.

Transition to The Emergence:

The shadows began to recede with AIDEN’s reawakening and the first whispers of Lumina’s existence. Humanity, though scarred, carried an indomitable spirit, ready to embark on a new journey, fueled by hope and guided by the past’s lessons.

The Epoch of Shadows serves as a poignant reminder of resilience, the cost of hubris, and the eternal flame of hope. It’s a canvas that interweaves tragedy with triumph, inviting explorers to unearth its layered tales.

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