The Remnant Stations: Relics of a Bygone Era

A brief history of the Remnant Stations, the abandoned space stations that dot the Milky Way.

Amidst the vast expanse of the cosmos, the Remnant Stations serve as haunting echoes of humanity’s past glory and ambition. Initially envisaged as beacons of exploration and expansion during The Apex, these stations now remain as half-forgotten guardians of space, each holding secrets of its own.

Remnant Stations.

Dawn of the Stations:

The Remnant Stations were born out of a dream - a vision to stretch humanity’s grasp across the Milky Way. Designed as both scientific hubs and residential colonies, they represented the zenith of human engineering, art, and culture. Each station was strategically placed, serving as waypoints and refueling stops for explorers venturing further into the unknown.

Fading into Obscurity:

The Fall brought with it not just terrestrial chaos but cosmic disarray. As resources became scarce and political unrest intensified, many of these stations were abandoned. The inhabitants either returned to Earth, seeking refuge from the escalating conflicts, or ventured deeper into space, leaving the stations as silent witnesses of a world in turmoil.

Echoes within the Walls:

It’s said that if you roam the empty halls of a Remnant Station, you can almost hear the faint whispers of its past - laughter, debates, the hum of machinery, and the silent hopes of a better future. Though many stations remain deserted, some have been repurposed by various factions and groups, hoping to harness the technology left behind.

The Enigma of Station 4:

Of all the Remnant Stations, Station 4 stands out as the most mysterious. Legends speak of it as the “Heart of Knowledge,” a central hub where information from all other stations was consolidated and analyzed. It is rumored to have been a top-secret project, housing technology and information beyond the comprehension of most. Post-Fall expeditions to Station 4 often return with tales of advanced tech, undecipherable scripts, and occasionally, unsettling silence.

As humanity embarks on its journey of rediscovery, the Remnant Stations offer both a glimpse into the past and the promise of a new future. What secrets they hold and what role they’ll play in the new chapter of human civilization remains to be seen.

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