Milky Way

The Milky Way galaxy, our home in the vast universe, teeming with diverse celestial bodies, intriguing phenomena, and remnants of the Apex Age.

Milky Way

The Milky Way, a barred spiral galaxy, is the place humanity calls home. In the aftermath of the Apex Age, it remains an expansive realm filled with a multitude of celestial bodies, rich in history, and rife with the potential for exploration, trade, and conflict.

The Milky Way.

Notable Celestial Bodies


Our birthplace, Earth, is a bustling hive of activity, considered the heart of human civilization in the Emergence Epoch. Its thriving cities are centers of commerce, politics, and scientific research.


Once a barren desert, Mars is now a testament to human engineering, terraformed during the Apex Age and now serves as a primary outpost for several factions.


Saturn’s moon, Titan, boasts a complex surface with mountains, lakes, and even seasonal weather patterns. Home to a wide array of life, Titan is a hub for exotic trade.

Neptune’s Rings

The ice-covered rings of Neptune serve as a crucial mining location, providing resources for various factions and independent operators alike.

Anomalies and Phenomena

Sol’s Halo

A remarkable anomaly in our solar system is Sol’s Halo, an intense energy field surrounding our Sun. It is believed to be a byproduct of Lumina’s influence, protecting Earth from potentially lethal solar flares.

The Asteroid Belt

The asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter, once a bustling minefield during the Apex Age, now serves as a pirate-infested danger zone and an adventurous path for daring spacefarers.

Remember, as you journey across the Milky Way, your decisions, actions, and allegiances will shape not just your path, but the destiny of humanity in this Emergence Epoch.

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