Galactic Chronicles: Documenting the Vastness

An expansive catalogue charting known galaxies and the various enigmatic locations within them, meticulously documented by Archive scholars.

Galactic Chronicles: An Introduction

In the wake of the Apex Age’s decline and the ensuing dark periods, our collective memory of the expansive territories that humanity had reached became fragmented. Now, in the age of the Emergence Epoch, Archive scholars have taken upon themselves the mammoth task of documenting and charting known galaxies, and the diverse range of locations they encompass.

The Importance of Chronicling

Understanding and documenting these galaxies isn’t merely an act of academic fulfillment. These chronicles serve as beacons, guiding travelers through the vast cosmos, assisting in navigation, and providing vital insights into the histories, mysteries, and potential dangers of each region.

The Milky Way: Our Home

Our very own galaxy, the Milky Way, is a spiral galaxy with an abundant history and vast regions yet unexplored. Notable locations within include:

  • Remnant Stations: The silent witnesses of our past glory and technological prowess. These abandoned space stations are scattered across the galaxy, each with its own tale.

  • Zephyr Asteroid Field: A dangerous and shifting field of asteroids. Tales speak of treasures and ancient technologies hidden deep within.

  • Nexus Gates: While found in other galaxies too, the Milky Way hosts some of the oldest known Nexus Gates. Their purpose and origins, while mostly deciphered, still hold certain mysteries.

Future Expansions

As our explorations continue, and more travelers share their findings, the Archive will expand. New galaxies, star systems, and celestial wonders await documentation. From the Andromeda Galaxy with its vibrant nebulas to the Triangulum Galaxy with its reported ancient civilizations, our universe is brimming with wonders waiting to be chronicled.

Every traveler, explorer, and scholar is encouraged to contribute their knowledge. For it is together, as a united front, that we rebuild our understanding of the cosmos, one location at a time.

The Archives

The Archives