Sol Drive and Nexus Gates Operations

The Sol Drive and Nexus Gates are the pinnacle of The Apex era's advanced science and technology.


Within the vast compendium of human knowledge, the Archives have dedicated a revered section to our monumental achievement: The Sol Drive. A testament to human perseverance, ambition, and a thirst to journey into the celestial void.

Our understanding of the Sol Drive and Nexus Gates is primarily derived from the fragmented knowledge left over from The Apex era, Dr. Aeryn Sol’s heavily encrypted research files. However, it’s important to remember that our knowledge is not yet complete and is continually evolving.

Ship with Sol Drive flying towards a Nexus Gate.

Origins of the Sol Drive:

Derived from the genius of Dr. Aeryn Sol, the paragon scientist of the “Apex” era, the Sol Drive stands as a symbol of innovation and possibility. With an intricate blend of theoretical physics and practical engineering, Dr. Sol pioneered a propulsion system that dared to dance with the cosmos itself. His enigmatic disappearance during the waning years of the “Apex” only deepened the intrigue surrounding his crowning creation.

Operational Mechanics:

Moving beyond the constraints of traditional propulsion, the Sol Drive offers a unique approach to interstellar movement.

The Drive’s primary function is to create temporary rifts in space, commonly referred to as Nexus Gates. This process begins with the Neutronium Core, which when powered by the Quantum Capacitors, generates a localized space distortion. This distortion is stabilized and molded into a traversable gate by the Transwarp Coils and Harmonic Resonators.

The entire process generates immense heat, which is managed by the Hyper Radiator - a piece of tech that our current understanding barely grasps. It is crucial to ensure that the Sol Drive is well maintained and cooled to prevent catastrophic failure.

  1. Spatial Compression: Central to its design, the Sol Drive condenses space ahead of the vessel and expands it behind. This creates a ‘bubble’ within which the ship remains stationary, while this bubble is propelled at incredible speeds, making distances once deemed impossible now within reach.

  2. Energy Source: The Sol Drive’s potency is derived from a suite of exotic fuels. The rarer and more refined the fuel, the greater the propulsion capacity of the Drive.

  3. Navigation & Calibration: Precise navigation is paramount, given the Drive’s intricate interplay with space. Careful calibration ensures ships emerge precisely where intended.

The Nexus Gates:

Complementing the Sol Drive, the Nexus Gates are behemoths of technology scattered across the cosmos. These structures enhance the Drive’s capabilities, allowing for extended jumps and acting as critical waypoints. Many lie dormant or in disrepair since the “Apex” era, beckoning brave souls to rediscover and restore them.

The Nexus Gates are temporary, tunneled distortions in space, enabling ships equipped with a Sol Drive to traverse vast interstellar distances instantaneously. These gates are the physical manifestation of Dr. Aeryn Sol’s genius, enabling humanity to once again reach the stars. However, creating these gates is not without risk.

The Harmonic Resonators within the Sol Drive play a crucial role in ensuring the Nexus Gate’s stability. Any deviation from the optimal resonant frequency can cause unpredictable gate behavior, potentially leading to spatial distortions or even complete gate collapse.

Nexus Gates, once established, are one-way conduits. The destination must be determined before the gate is formed, using data provided by the ISD Linkage. It is vital to ensure that the destination coordinates are correct to prevent unintended spatial dislocation.

The operation of the Sol Drive and the creation of Nexus Gates represent the culmination of The Apex era’s advanced science and technology. As we journey forward in this Emergence, we rekindle our ancestors’ ingenuity, striving to understand, recreate, and improve upon these marvels. By doing so, we aim to reclaim our birthright among the stars and ensure our survival in this vast and unforgiving cosmos.

Radiation & Lumina’s Gift:

One of the significant challenges faced during the early phases of the Sol Drive’s design was the immense radiation encountered during jumps. This radiation, of a kind unknown to traditional science, posed threats not just to the ship but to the very DNA of its inhabitants.

Enter Lumina, the enigmatic solar dragon. Her shimmering scales displayed a unique property: they absorbed and diffused this otherworldly radiation. Human ingenuity, inspired by Lumina’s natural shield, birthed a new generation of radiation deflectors built around synthesized materials mimicking Lumina’s scales. These protect both the ship and its inhabitants from the otherwise harmful effects of the Sol Drive’s propulsion method.


The Sol Drive, while a beacon of human tenacity and intellect, remains a marvel shrouded in wonder and unpredictability. It stands as a bridge from our storied past to a hopeful, uncharted future.

The Archives

The Archives